Using a Reputable Attorney Staffing Service Has Never Been More Popular

Using a reputable Attorney Staffing Service to help prepare a case for trial, draft an appellate brief, respond to a Motion For Summary Judgment, come up with a litigation strategy and/or propound or respond to a mountain of discovery requests has never been more popular than it is at this time.

What, one has to ask, is the explanation for such behavior? Attorney Assistance has been successfully providing the same, exact, supplemental skilled-attorney manpower for over 30 years. Why the recent significant uptick in calls from both past and first-time users of the service?

Past satisfied customers is one thing but, why, one has to wonder, has there been such an increase in calls from first-time users of the service that have had an endless opportunity to call and take advantage of the service anytime in the past 30+ years?

After significant time, thought and inquiry, Attorney Assistance finds itself attributing the recent phenomena to: company name recognition, word-of-mouth, consistent, winning results and business longevity.

In short, everyone knows that a business does not continue to grow and attract new customers, year after year, unless the business is doing something right. Some things take longer to catch, while others happen sooner.

While it would be interesting to know, for sure, the reason for the uptick in new business, Attorney Assistance is pleased to assist all the busy law offices that have called for help in the past and to continue to assist the significant number of clients that have regularly called upon the service for decades.

Most, relishing the stress-free process of responding to the normal expansion and contraction of business at their law offices, particularly, the smaller, one to ten attorney firms, that do not have the luxury to drop what they are doing to be able to take on the time to research and draft an appellate brief, opposition to a MSJ or take on another time-consuming project.

Many attorneys simply don’t find legal research and drafting their forte or don’t want to do the necessary research, legal drafting and text massage, required to file a first-class pleading, motion or brief, while many older attorneys much prefer to delegate their need for assistance to a well-matched professional.

The oldest service of its kind, operating in the San Francisco Bay Area, Attorney Assistance has witnessed, first-hand, the growing popularity of using a temporary Attorney Staffing Service and only sees the choice of doing so continuing to grow going forward.

Werner S. Lewin, Jr., Esq. is a graduate of Cornell University. Born and raised in San Francisco, Werner received his JD from the University of California Hastings College of Law in 1980. Werner practiced business and real estate litigation before founding Attorney Assistance in 1986.

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