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Attorney Assistance has successfully assisted countless law offices and in-house corporate legal departments with their diverse legal needs for the past 30+ years. Proudly recognized as the”best” service of its kind by Bay Area attorneys and law offices, Attorney Assistance is committed to its long-time goal of always providing “first-class” service at a reasonable price.

Legal Recruiter Reviews

Attorney Assistance believes in close, loyal relationships with both its outstanding portfolio of registrant attorneys and its old and new law office and in-house corporate legal department clients. Below find a sampling  Attorney Assistance testimonials and legal recruiting reviews from select clients and contract attorneys that have successfully worked with Attorney Assistance over the years.

“Miller Law Group has had a valuable business relationship with Attorney Assistance for many years. We have always found Attorney Assistance to be a responsive resource for highly-qualified attorneys that have provided valuable contributions to the counsel that we provide to our firm customers. Given same, we highly-recommend Attorney Assistance and the excellent service they provide to others that find themselves in need skilled, hand-picked attorney-provided assistance”
Mitch Miller
Miller Law Group
Palo Alto, CA.

“If you are a busy, overwhelmed attorney or find yourself in need of any kind of attorney-provided assistance, I’d like to recommend that you try contacting Attorney Assistance, a well-established, affordable service that I have successfully used and have been very pleased with. The company’s telephone number and web site are: Telephone: (415) 883-8333 and Web site:”
Michael L. Dobrov, Esq.
Law Offices of Michael L. Dobrov
San Francisco, CA.

“It is my pleasure to highly recommend Attorney Assistance to any organization that is in need of high-quality legal assistance. We recently found ourselves in a tough position, without an in-house General Counsel, and contacted Attorney Assistance. Attorney Assistance was able to provide our company with a temporary G.C. to fill in for several months. The candidate that they came up with was perfect! Given our excellent experience, I would highly recommend Attorney Assistance, and their company president, Werner S. Lewin, Jr., Esq., to others in need, in a heart beat.”
Tammy Johns
Vice President, Human Resources & Training
Strategic Restaurants
Company Headquarters

“Our firm has used recruiters intermittently through the years with mixed results. However, in dealing with Werner S. Lewin, Jr., Esq., at Attorney Assistance, Werner understood exactly what kind of attorney I was looking for and found me the absolute perfect match! Werner truly listened to my needs and did not simply find a candidate and promote him/her blindly. I would certainly work with Werner again and highly recommend him to others in need of well-matched attorneys.”
Bruce Albert, Esq.
Managing Attorney
Albert & MacKenzie
Concord, CA.

“I can proudly say that I have been a client of Attorney Assistance for 15+ years. As a busy sole practitioner, my need for the assistance of appropriately-skilled attorneys to assist me in my practice varies from day-to-day. With Attorney Assistance, I know that I have prompt access to a reliable, reasonably-priced service that offers me dependable, proven and experienced counsel whenever I need them, without the cost of having an associate on salary or having to share my practice with other partners. In short, Attorney Assistance provides me the attorney-power of a larger firm without the overhead. Among the many benefits of using Attorney Assistance is access to their portfolio of hand-picked attorneys and their expertise in virtually every area of the law. I can, based upon experience, unequivocally, highly recommend the services provided by Attorney Assistance to others in need!”
James Coy Driscoll, Esq.
Attorney At Law
San Francisco, CA.

“As I prepared for a recent, major trial, I realized that, as a sole practitioner, I was in a little over my head with the amount of defense paper that was beginning to pile up. That’s when I called Attorney Assistance. It turned out to be the right call. I had heard favorable things from others about Attorney Assistance. I soon found out why. The attorneys that were provided to assist me were just what I needed. High-quality, knowledgeable and reliable. Their assistance took an immense amount of pressure off my shoulders so that I could concentrate on the trial that I was preparing for. Attorney Assistance is a fantastic service, and it is not surprising that they have been recently voted the “best” service of their kind. I highly recommend Attorney Assistance to others in need of any type of attorney-provided assistance.”
Don L. Stockett, Esq.
Attorney At Law
Folsom, CA.

“Attorney Assistance has proven to be an invaluable source of contract work for me over the years. I have known and worked with the companies principal, Werner S. Lewin, Jr., Esq., for over 15 years and he has always been extremely professional, courteous, resourceful and helpful. I can, without reservation, highly recommend Attorney Assistance to both attorneys, seeking to do contract work, and law offices, of all sizes, in need of appropriately-skilled, attorney-provided assistance, that is always conscientiously and professionally matched to respond to the clients particular need for assistance.”
Forrest Fang, Esq.
Oakland, CA.

“Our law office has utilized the services of Attorney Assistance for well over 10 years. Each time that we called Attorney Assistance, our need for assistance was promptly and professionally responded to with the recommendation of a high-quality, appropriately-skilled attorney. We highly recommend Attorney Assistance to others.”
Robert Hall, Esq.
Flynn Williams, et. al.
San Rafael, CA.

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