Selecting an Attorney Placement Service

Selecting an attorney placement service can be tremendously rewarding! When selecting an attorney placement service to provide your law office with full or part-time attorney-provided assistance, you want to select a service that has been around and comes highly recommended.

You want to deal with a reputable service that specializes in the placement of attorneys and has years of experience matching law office client needs with a well-qualified attorney. You also want to use a service that has a successful track record with both their registrant attorneys and clients and actually knows, and has, taken the time to thoroughly pre-screen their registrant attorney candidates.

Preferably, you want the service’s screening of its registrant attorneys to include, at a minimum, a personal or on-line meeting, and, it would be nice to know, that the service has previously, and successfully, placed the specific attorney that they are prepared to recommend to you.

In short, you want to know that the service that you are dealing with has a “proven” track record of matching their portfolio of attorneys with others in need. If you are working with a attorney placement service that has been successfully operating for 20+ years, you can rest assured that you are probably working with a quality operation. Lastly, you want to use a service that stands behind the attorneys that they recommend and guarantees your satisfaction.

Werner S. Lewin, Jr., Esq. is a graduate of Cornell University. Born and raised in San Francisco, Werner received his JD from the University of California Hastings College of Law in 1980. Werner practiced business and real estate litigation before founding Attorney Assistance in 1986.

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