Service Philosophy

Attorney Assistance has been a successful San Francisco legal recruiter placing top-quality full and part-time attorneys with busy California law offices and in-house corporate legal departments for over three decades.

What began as a mere vision to provide busy law offices with access to a service that was intimately familiar with the normal expansion and contraction of the business of law has, for many, turned out to be an indispensable, revenue-generating, as-needed resource for high-quality, dependable and proven attorneys that users of the service can rely and depend on. When it comes to placing temporary attorneys, Attorney Assistance is considered one of the best with the vast majority of attorneys registered with the service seasoned specialists in their particular fields.

Whether your law office requires the part-time assistance of an attorney to merely lend a temporary helping hand or someone that can jump in and completely take over the handling of a particular project, case, case load or full-time position, we’re here as your “go to” San Francisco legal staffing service

While Attorney Assistance places all types of full-time attorneys, the service is renown for its successful placement of what are commonly referred to as temporary/part-time/project or contract attorneys. Some clients engage Attorney Assistance contract attorneys on an as-needed project basis while others use one or more contract attorneys on a more regular basis, as a cost-effective means of expanding the capacity of their office, while efficiently getting the work that they need to get done accomplished in a high-quality, timely and efficient way.

Utilization of part-time contract attorneys

San Francisco Legal RecruiterThe need for the assistance of a part-time, project or contract attorney can take many forms. For example:

  • You find yourself busy, but the economy and/or the up and down nature of business has you unwilling to consider hiring a full-time associate and taking the chance of hiring a temporary attorney that you don’t know is, simply put, too risky;
  • One of your attorneys has, for some reason, left the firm, taken ill or is getting ready to go on maternity leave, and an appropriately-experienced attorney is needed to fill in temporarily;
  • You have a case file set for trial that could really use an experienced attorney to take a look at and come up with: suggestions, ideas, relevant legal research and/or potential legal strategies, that you had not previously thought of or considered and could, potentially, consult with going forward;
  • Your office would benefit immensely from the full or part-time assistance of one or more additional attorneys to assist in handling a large electronic/paper document review project, help you meet a rapidly approaching deadline or simply tackle a sudden increase in business;
  • Your office has the opportunity to take on and handle a new client, or particularly lucrative case, but doing so, will require one or more attorneys with a particular level of experience; or
  • You need someone that you can rely upon to cover an important court or deposition appearance anywhere within the State of California; you want to use someone that you can count on to professionally represent your office and you are wise enough to know that “you generally get what you pay for.”

Circumstances like the above necessitate that YOU call a “proven” service. Attorney Assistance has been successfully assisting busy law offices, of all sizes, for the past 30 years. Attorney Assistance has consistently demonstrated that we know what we are doing and have been routinely recognized as the “best” in the business by attorneys that know. We have extensive experience as a San Francisco legal recruiter. Let our skill and experience help you when you need a full or part-time contract attorney. Call a service that you can depend on and call Attorney Assistance. You’ll be glad that you did!

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