ATTORNEY ASSISTANCE has been successfully placing top quality full and part-time attorneys with busy California law offices and in-house corporate legal departments for almost three decades. What began many years ago as a vision to provide busy law offices with access to a reasonably-priced service familiar with the normal expansion and contraction of the business of law has, for many, turned out to be an indispensable resource for quick access to high-quality, well-matched attorneys that users of the service can depend on. Whether your law office requires the part-time assistance of an attorney to merely lend a temporary helping hand or someone that can jump in and completely take over the handling of a particular project, case, caseload or full-time position we can help! ATTORNEY ASSISTANCE maintains a portfolio of high-quality, hand-picked, pre-screened and “proven” attorneys that are carefully-selected to respond to the particular needs of our clients. We personally meet, interview screen and select the attorneys that work through our service. This enables you to be able to depend upon the attorney selected to provide you with the specific type of assistance that YOU need. The premiere attorney placement service operating in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, ATTORNEY ASSISTANCE has responded to all types of attorney-provided assistance over the past 28+ years. Some clients engage part-time contract attorneys on an as-needed project basis. Others engage one or more full and/or part-time attorneys to provide them with the appropriately-skilled support that they require. Our goal is to provide our clients with whatever attorney-provided assistance they require and to do so, in a cost-effective manner that satisfies the specific need involved, and to add to firm/business revenues in the process. We invite you to call ATTORNEY ASSISTANCE for the well-matched, reasonably-priced full and part-time attorney assistance that YOU require. To receive a quick response to any need for assistance or question that you might have, simply complete and submit the brief inquiry form to the right for a prompt response to your inquiry.
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