In-House Legal Depts. Should Seriously Consider The Use Of Skilled Contract Attorneys

In-house corporate legal departments can greatly benefit from the utilization of appropriately-skilled contract attorneys. First, and foremost, the utilization of appropriately skilled contract attorneys can significantly reduce the cost of using expensive outside counsel.

Unlike a law office, corporate legal departments are left to rely on outside counsel to do whatever legal work that they, themselves, don’t have the experience or manpower to handle in-house, and while there will always be some things, such as the handling of a complex litigation case, that must, for various reasons, be handled by outside counsel, there are an abundance of things that can be handled inexpensively in- house.

For example, such things as the drafting of contracts, assisting in the handling of mergers and acquisitions and applying for patents can be, less expensively, handled in-house. Access to a reliable attorney placement service can be a tremendous source of help in securing appropriately-skilled, proven attorneys to respond to particular in-house legal manpower needs.

A good service, can, for example, through their under contract portfolio of attorneys, contacts and sources, readily provide in-house corporate legal departments with the exact type of skilled contract attorneys that they need, and at a very reasonable price, compared to expensive outside counsel.

Among other things, a well-established attorney placement service can do so, confidentially, expediently and reasonably. In short, there is a better way than the past routine farming out of work to expensive outside counsel for an in-house corporate legal department to respond to their legal manpower needs and that is, establish a relationship with a quality attorney placement service that they can depend on to handle certain types of in-house legal work.

Werner S. Lewin, Jr., Esq. is a graduate of Cornell University. Born and raised in San Francisco, Werner received his JD from the University of California Hastings College of Law in 1980. Werner practiced business and real estate litigation before founding Attorney Assistance in 1986.

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