Establishing A Relationship With A Reputable Attorney Placement Service

Establishing a relationship with a reputable attorney placement service (“APS”) can be an extremely beneficial move for a busy law office.

Finding oneself in need of: extra skilled attorney-provided assistance, expertise in a particular area of the law or the need for appropriately-skilled attorney-provided assistance to meet a deadline or cover a short-notice court or deposition appearance, are just a few of the many needs that a busy law office can find themselves confronted with, and a reputable APS capable of promptly responding to.

Given that there is no charge or obligation to call upon an APS, or use the services that they provide, any more than one needs, establishing a relationship with an APS is, frankly, a “no brainer”.

One might even correctly equate the protection that an established relationship with an APS offers, to that of an insurance policy, without the need to pay an annual premium or, for that matter, pay anything, unless the user decides to engage an APS attorney and then, will only be charged for actual services rendered – nothing more.

Putting oneself in a position to be able to pick up the telephone and promptly secure whatever attorney-provided assistance that they might need, can provide un-measureable value to a busy law office, and establishing a relationship with a reputable APS, could not be easier.

The importance of when and the type of assistance that a new APS user seeks to secure cannot, however, be stressed enough.

The reservations and concerns experienced by a new APS user with which they need assistance is completely understandable, particularly, if the project they need assistance with is unusually delicate or important.

For said reason, it is highly recommended that establishing a new relationship with a APS begin with a simple test project. How an APS, and the attorney(s) that they recommend, responds to a new, first-time users needs will help a new user to get a better idea of the type and quality of service that they can expect to receive in the future, the quality and caliber of the attorneys that are recommended to them and the quality of the attorney work product that they can expect to receive going forward.

These are not the type of things that a new APS user can, or should, have to consider during an extremely busy or stressful times. Once the user of an APS has had a chance to use a APS on an initial test project, the user can and will feel comfortable calling the APS in the future.

They will also have a level of trust that the attorney recommendations made to them are always well thought out and considered. Comfortable with an APS, and the attorneys that they select, bring on board and recommend to their clients, will also enable experienced users to trust that the attorneys recommended to them by the APS can handle more complex and time-consuming projects such as: the preparing of a case for trial, the actual trying of a case or the drafting of an appellate brief, to name just a few of the many types of things that an APS can readily help to arrange for a busy law office.

Werner S. Lewin, Jr., Esq. is a graduate of Cornell University. Born and raised in San Francisco, Werner received his JD from the University of California Hastings College of Law in 1980. Werner practiced business and real estate litigation before founding Attorney Assistance in 1986.

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